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Lions Club is doing Book Collection again!

Last year the Manassas Lioness Lions Club did their second community book collection asking people who had books at home suitable for kids K-12 to drop them off at one of five sites. It was huge success! Over 3000+ books were collected and once sorted for age groups were distributed to students in 16 different schools to be able to take home and have to read

Because of its success, the MLLC has decided to do it again this year! Reading is so important. It has been proven that it makes all other subjects in school easier. We have many students whose families are unable to purchase extra books other than school texts. But we all remember that special book we read that helped us growing up. We want every child to have that experience. In order to make this possible, the club is asking the public to go through their book shelves, boxes and older children’s rooms again and find books that they could donate to this effort. Any book in good condition that is suitable for K-12 will be accepted. (no encyclopedias)

There will be 8 different drop-off sites this year. The Manassas City Police Dept at 9518 Fairview Avenue, the Manassas Park Police Dept at 329 Manassas Drive, Grace United Methodist Church at 10201 Hendley Rd (off Wellington Road), St Thomas United Methodist Church at 8899 Sudley Road, Gainesville United Methodist Church at 13710 Milestone Ct (off Linton Hall Rd), Prince William County Police at 8900 Freedom Center Blvd (off Wellington), Manassas Park Community Center at 99 Adams Street, and Buckhall United Methodist at 10251 Moore Dr . There will be marked boxes in the lobbies at each location.

The collection will be from September 15th thru November 15th . The club will then go thru and sort and get ready to distribute in area schools beginning in December/January.

If you have any questions, please contact Pat, EMail - nuhse4u@verizon.net / 703-335-2607.

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